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For the village in Ivory Coast, see Koulikoro, Ivory Coast.

Localisation de Kouroussa sur la carte de la Guinée.

Kouroukoro is a town located in northwestern Guinea, and the capital is Kouroussa. It has an estimated population of a few thousands. The town and surrounding area is a center of Malinke culture. Kouroukoro is a district in upper Guinea, Republic of Guinea, West Africa. It is part of the Prefecture of Kouroussa and sous-prefecture of Cissela. Kouroukoro lies about 500 km from the capital Conakry, about 50 km from the prefecture of Dabola and about 95 km from the prefecture of Kouroussa


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People that make up the present day Kouroukoro are descended from people that migrated from Dabola, the Dabos and the Beretes. Kouroukoro represented part of the southern end of the Manden: the Mandé heartland of the Mali Empire. Much of the Djallonke population of the area migrated from the west when the Fula people conquered the Fouta Djallon in the 13th – 16th centuries. With the collapse of the empire, southern Manden confederations and states continued to exist, including in the area around Toumania a neighbor of Kouroukoro. In the 17th century the Fama Da Monzon Diarra of the Bambara Empire made Kouroussa of which Kouroukoro is a part of his state’s southern reach.
By the arrival of Europeans, Kouroukoro was a minor trade stop between the Niger River valley and the coast, with the so-called “Leprince” overland route running from the coast via Kindia, Timbo, and Kouroussa all the way to Kankan and to the forest region. In the late 19th century French forces appeared in the region just to the north, establishing bases at Kayes, Kita, Mali, Bafoulabé and eventually at Bamako. Countering the French expansion was the Fula Jihad state of which exploded out of neighboring Dinguiray to conquer both the Mandé states surrounding Kouroussa to the northwest and the Bambara to the northeast. To the south, another Mande conquest state of Samory Toure appeared, sending his well-armed forces against Kouroussa, its neighbors, and the French alike, while the Fouta Djallon state raided the area pe