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Our main possibilities
·         3850 m2 covered warehouses out from which one 1450 m2 warehouse equipped with two 8 tons overhead cranes

·         1450 m2 of attic where we can store, sort and pack light materials with weight 1ton/m2 as max;
·         23.750 m2 fenced, open area meant to storage;
·         2 forklifts which can lift up 8 tons;
·         2 forklifts 6,0 tons suitable to enter the container;

·         5,5 tons forklift suitable to enter the container;
·           3,5 tons forklift suitable to enter the container
·         2,5 tons forklift suitable to enter the container;

·         Precise weight device with printer – allows to verify the weight
·         Two custom made special round pins which protects steel coils
·         crane extension to lift up bundles of long products up to 2 tons.
·         Two 15 tons ramps which allows the 3rd forklift to enter containers and transports goods in or out
·         Possibility of handling heavy containers (20’’- 28 tons gross only cargo)
·         On Customer’s request we can provide supervision of international independent inspection during loading or unloading
We are able to arrange service of heavier and/or bigger products, depending on Customer’s needs. 

What makes us special?
What are our main advantages?

  • Competitive prices
  • Professional & Experienced Staff
  • Safety is our priority (assured by port guards, monitoring system, complex insurance)
  • Flexibility (possibility of extension of working hours during peak time)
  • Additional options for storage: palletization, /segregation/marking/neutralization demanding on Customer’s needs
  • Information & Control-  constantly updating about services status, immediate report in case of any quality problem appear, photography documentation etc.